Licensed Notre Dame Fine Art

Dean Loucks is the first and only artist licensed by the University of Notre Dame to create officially licensed fine art paintings. His artwork covers a wide range of applications; he offers high-line shirts in 3 different designs, a variety of KitchenAid® appliances, as well as a very limited run of fine art paintings. The very first licensed art series for Notre Dame is called "The Spirit of the University Series." In this series, Dean will be painting 6 original art pieces in celebration of his partnership with the university. Only 6 paintings will be done in this series and the first two have already been sold. We only have four paintings, saved for the elite of Notre Dame's alumni, donors, and fans. Also available are limited reproductions of these art pieces. Each one is signed and numbered out of 100.  

Spirit of the University Series


Custom Painted Helmets and Concepts

KitchenAid® Stand Mixers


Custom Piano Concepts

Exclusive Custom Guitar Series

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